Heather Richards, NASM CPT

Certified Personal Trainer 
Nationally Recognized Fitness Coach

I am wife and a mother of 5 who has been happily married for 25 years. I have a passion for fitness and nutrition, that I have successfully implemented into my own life for last 30 years. 

My love for fitness started when I was young, I remember as a teenager getting up early to go running before school.  I loved that natural high you get after a good workout.  But there was also an unhealthy motivation behind this. As a teenage girl I struggled with a poor body image.  Throughout the years I went through bouts of disordered eating, many variations of extreme diets, with an unhealthy mindset of exercise, with the hope of changing my body.  

About 18 years ago I found a love for lifting weights. It was at this point I began to learn about me from the inside out, as I began to study myself and the human body.  My focus started to shift when I began to realize how to appreciate my body for what it could do and not purely on how I looked.  I have studied nutrition for years learning the need to fuel our bodies properly, while at the same time trying to learn how to relax and enjoy food at the same time.  Making lifestyle changes that allow my mind to be ok with eating the right things most of the time, but not feeling guilty when I have little indulgence, such as my favorite doughnut (glazed doughnut with maple over the glaze, and a small drizzle of chocolate on that). I am most comfortable in leggings, and my endless collection of athleisure wear. You will find me in heels on Sunday, but Nike’s the rest of the week.

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My Mission

With having 5 children it has taken me many years to try to find the balance between Family, Life, and Me time. Although there is no magic recipe for anyone, there are things we can all do with the same 24 hours to prioritize and make all areas of our lives balance.


All my experiences as a parent, wife, student, trainer, and competitor have helped qualify me to train your body and mind on a personal fitness journey to become YOU. To help you set and reach your personal goals, and see that there is more to us than just our outer image!


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