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I specialize in a training style that will challenge you, hold you accountable, and help you progress. I don't believe in extremes, I believe in living a balanced life with sustainable habits that are practical and long term. I believe that the goal should be to live your best life where fitness and nutrition should fit in your life, not run your life! I purposefully create programs designed around my client’s individual goals, and abilities, with safety and injury prevention in mind at all times. Good nutrition is a key component in the journey, in which I will offer my knowledge and guidance.


Another area that we will focus on, is the mental aspect. Our minds are powerful, it is so important to have a healthy mental outlook on fitness, nutrition and body image. I believe a strong mind will lead to a strong body! Having a positive mental outlook, will greatly increase the odds of long term continuation and success! I know from experience that having a good coach in your corner can make all the difference in you reaching your lifelong fitness goals.

My hope is to create a long-term relationship, where we can work together to provide you with the foundation, tools, and confidence that you need to make fitness and nutrition a lifestyle! I would love to help you realize your potential and be part of your journey to a healthier and more fit you!

BeFit coaching is the right fitness choice. Personalized just for you!

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Professional Results

Client Testimonials

Being an athlete my whole life, I had spent a fair amount of time in the weight room. But after adult life happened and motherhood settled in, my focus was turned in other directions. After years passed and I was able to return some of my focus to me and get back into the gym – things have changed. I was older and not in as good of shape as I once was. People in the gym were younger and stronger and that made me lack confidence in myself. But I tredged  on and worked out for years but saw no real change. Just an adequate plateau that I had come to be comfortable on.

Then I trained with Heather. She gave me programs geared specifically towards my age, my body type and my goals. She guided me in nutrition so I was fueling my body and my muscles properly. Most importantly she guided me back to the knowledge that I knew I had so I can now walk into the gym and do a complete work out and leave feeling confident. For 45+ year old woman I am seeing muscle gains that I hadn’t seen in a long time.  I owe Heather for the happier, fitter person I am today and continue to strive towards. I am not done yet!!
And on a personal note - Heather is one of the kindest people I have had the pleasure to come to know.

- Wendy Cox

I am very grateful for the weekly guidance and fitness motivation. I began training with Heather in 2016 and it has been 4 years of gaining strength. Due to her training I enjoy many physical activities and avoid injuries. I love her focus, humor and ability to design programs that are specific to my body and fitness level. I am feeling more strong and more vibrant at age 61 than I did at 40! I am so thankful for all of Heathers fit tips and I am truly looking forward to the next training program!

- Kris Z.

Want an outstanding workout? Go no further than Beyond Image Fitness! Heather is an amazing coach that pushes you to be your best, even when you feel like you're going to fail. I've gained so much knowledge from her between weight lifting, nutrition and keeping consistent.

- Shai McDonald

Working with Heather was a GAME CHANGER, to say the least. Heather is more than just a trainer, she is a teacher, a cheerleader and a trusted advocate for YOUR health. Starting with my first weekly program, I already felt confident, empowered and excited to get back in the gym - a confidence that only grew as the months went on! Not only did we work on my physical health but also my nutritional health. She was always available to answer questions and actually TAUGHT me what I was doing with my body and why. I have never met a trainer like Heather and have never felt more proud, strong, confident and in control of my health.

- Ellie Vandyke

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